On November 9, 1985 I had to shoot East German refugees in Hamburg for the magazine "Stern". In the following days these portraits should be supplemented with photos of the remaining relatives in East Berlin and Rostock.

And that is how it came that I was in the night after the fall of the wall on the transit highway Hamburg at the border crossing Gudow-Zarrentin, photographing the first oncoming GDR citizens on their journey into the unknown "BRD".

At sunrise in the morning of November 10, 1989 I stood with a taxi driver in front of the Berlin wall. He had no sleep and wanted to show me the cheering people there. It was strange, but this morning at the Brandenburg Gate it was still completely calm. A few hours later thousands danced on top of the wall here. But the editors decided, that I should go on with my assignment with the relatives of the refugees. Above the Quadriga still blew the GDR flag.