Fire Department

If you ever needed the help of the helmeted people in their very loud red vehicles with blue flashing lights, you will feel forever grateful when you see them. Nearly everyone is fascinated by the mixture of equipment use, talent for improvisation, team spirit and the willingness to get down to work. And hardly no one can escape the insignia that make up the microcosm of the fire brigade: water and fire, sweat and waiting, acting and knowing what you are doing. I tried to get to the bottom of this fascination and, as far as possible, remove myself from the catastrophe-sensation show.


One of the greatest challenges in photography is the creation of a photo series. Each individual photo should reach a consistently high level and have an expression that is unique to it, yet with the next picture continue along a common path. The best way to achieve this is to be flexible, to deviate at any time from the path that you originally imagined as the solution. An apparent contradiction, but good photos can be surprising.