Salvation Army

Religion was and is the driving force for bloody conflicts. To draw a parallel with the Salvation Army, this self-determined army of God, would be a mistake. Whoever wears the uniform of the Salvation Army sees himself as a strict servant of charity and has the hope that military organization will increase its effectiveness in the fight for the souls of the homeless, the lonely and the sick, reaching the heart through much music with simple means. So much the better, if one or the other of them becomes a recruit for the oath on the Bible. Admirable, but to the regret of the lieutenants and captains, a rather rare occurrence.


One of the greatest challenges in photography is the creation of a photo series. Each individual photo should reach a consistently high level and have an expression that is unique to it, yet with the next picture continue along a common path. The best way to achieve this is to be flexible, to deviate at any time from the path that you originally imagined as the solution. An apparent contradiction, but good photos can be surprising.