Event Photography

Among photographers, the documentation of events of all kinds is often mistakenly seen as a not really serious task. For me, however, it is a threefold challenge. Firstly, to capture a moment in time – everything is in motion and nothing should be missing. Secondly, a constant game of rapidly altering perspectives – far and near, overview and detail, now or a tenth of a second later. Thirdly, simultaneous relaxation and tension – since you seldom need to act beyond the actual photographing, you are simply the buddy of your camera for the day. But since people usually want their pictures almost immediately, only optimal planning and efficiency in photography and elaboration can save you. I am very happy to take on such assignments because they always present a fresh challenge.

Clients: Agentur Ressmann, Audi AG, bild der wissenschaft, C3 Content, career Institut & Verlag GmbH, Deutsche Telekom AG, Land der Ideen, Lapp Kabel, Merck AG, Peter Hahn, Robert Bosch GmbH, SAP SE, Staatliche Geschäftsstelle Luther 2017, T-Systems, Universität Hohenheim, Volkswagen, WUM Design, Würth and more.


Being a photographer for corporate and editorial clients and content marketing agencies, I live from respectful curiosity and systematic improvisation with the use of newest technology. Unusual views, abstaining from the trivial and the rate of returning customers provide the energy for memorable pictures in – fortunately – many different genres.