IT, Data and Communication

Some parties are amazed that I know what token ring, GPRS, TCP/IP and RS-232 mean and that I was able to program dBASE in the past. I have been mobile since about 1983 – at that time via Eurosignal and subsequent callback. I am online since 1987 – first in the BTX (Bildschirmtext) network – and this even in transit at public train terminals. I have been using the Internet since about 1995 and exists since 1999. In order not to be considered completely outdated, I can also discuss 5G latency, recursive handlers, web APIs or quantum cryptography.

Clients: bild der wissenschaft, Deutsche Telekom AG, SAP SE, Schufa and more.


Being a photographer for corporate and editorial clients and content marketing agencies, I live from respectful curiosity and systematic improvisation with the use of newest technology. Unusual views, abstaining from the trivial and the rate of returning customers provide the energy for memorable pictures in – fortunately – many different genres.